Take a close look at any brand consulting firm and what you’re likely to find is a design agency. For these firms, the look of your brand is paramount, and “brand strategy” is reduced merely to design considerations.

Unlike these other agencies, we don’t think of brand building simply in terms of brand identity. While ads and logos can help generate awareness and shape expectations, ultimately it’s the customer’s experience with your company or product that makes or breaks your brand.

For us, the unique value at the heart of your business is paramount, and everything else—product strategy, behavior, partners, channels, messages, design systems—stems from it. The endgame isn’t a new design; it’s not your appearance that matters most, but rather the impressions and experiences created by how you act, what you do, and what you communicate.

The reality is, 90% of our clients come to us with a brand challenge that can’t simply be solved with a new ad or new look—no matter how clever the ad or attractive the look.

Our difference is, we understand that.

Not so slick
Logos and design systems aren’t what deliver your true value. The impressions from customers’ experiences always trump those created by design. Just look at BP. Pristine logo; disastrous environmental record. Which one, in the end, branded the company?