Who we are
StealThunder is a SWAT team of brand and messaging experts that works with companies ranging from Bay Area startups to global enterprises. Companies tap us to help them:

  • Define the unique, compelling value of their company, product, or brand
  • Align their organization to build and deliver this value
  • Express their value in ways that will attract and engage key customers

Why this matters
It’s simple, really. When you can identify, communicate, and consistently deliver a compelling, differentiated value, it becomes far easier to attract and keep customers.
And more customers means more business.
And more business builds your brand.
And a bigger brand leads to multiple benefits—including making it easier to attract and reach more customers.

When to call us
Companies typically bring us in for one of two reasons:

  • They need to clarify the value proposition, stakeout a position, and capture the story and messages (including the shortest message—a name) for a new company, product, or service
  • They need strategies, systems, processes, and tools to manage, extend, or reposition existing brands or simplify brand complexity

If any (or all) of these sound like what you need, give us a call.

We know what we’re talking about
Marketing consultants can help you engage and keep a customer with the right product strategy, positioning, and value proposition.

Creative agencies can help you attract a customer by using words and imagery to shape impressions, express your personality, and set expectations of quality.

Successful brand building requires both. We think you get better results when the people who understand what’s needed to build your business are also the ones who help you talk about it.